Samsung PN58B850

From: Hot Plasma TV
Model #: Samsung PN58B850

Software Version T-CHEAUSC-1017.2

Over the last week – my 58″ Samsung Plasma TV is heating up – to the point where you can smell the electrical heat in the air. The picture is still AOK. The back left towards the top is extremely hot – almost hot to the touch after a two hour movie. The right back is warm, but, not hot.

What sort of repair is involved – a simple power supply replacement, something simpler?

Date: 11/23/2012


IHTS:  This model does run a little hotter than most plasmas but rest assured that there is a temp sensor on the panel and if it gets too hot the TV will turn off to protect itself.  You can adjust settings in the TV to help it run cooler.  The first thing I would do is turn off the VIVID mode in picture settings.  Set it to standard or movie and turn down the Cell light and contrast settings.  This will also prolong the life of the panel and your TV.

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