Samsung BN68-03384A-03

From: Alison Nelson
Model #: Samsung LN40C550J1FXZA

My son accidentally shot an airsoft pellet into the center of the TV. There is a white “dot” where it hit and vertical colored bars about an inch wide that run from top to bottom. I can email a photo if that is helpful. I’m wondering what you think the problem is, the fix, and repair cost associated with this lovely situation 🙂 Thank you!

Date: 03/13/2013


IHTS Reply:  Alison, you are describing a cracked LCD panel which Samsung charges $750 just for the part.  Labor would be an additional $140 to perform the repair in your home so in these situations we recommend that you replace the TV and recycle the old one properly.   You can drop off any LCD or Plasma TV at our shop and it will be recycled properly.

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