Mitsubishi WD-73727

From: Wakesetter 2012
Model #: Mitsubishi WD-73727

I was wondering if you guys could help with a question on a 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP TV. We have one that we have owned now for almost 7 years and it’s been working great and never had any issues, Recently we started having issues with color loss and a jumpy picture. My wife Googled this and found a fix where you have to take out the color wheel clean it and then it works fine again. We tried this last week and now when you plugin and power on the light won’t turn on and it’s got a red light which says bulb is bad. We swapped out bulbs with a brand new one and still get the same thing. We took appart again and examined things and everything looks find and still no go. Any other suggestions on what we can try to get this fixed? Someone said the control boardmight be having issues, but again other than the the jumping around its been fine. Also heard these tvs had major issues with capacitors and mitsubishi used to send out new baords to fix? Any idea if it’s even worth trying to fix or should it be junked.

Date: 03/18/2013


IHTS Reply:  My guess is a defective color wheel as the lamp will not light if the color wheel doesn’t spin.  The capacitor issue does not apply to this model.  For this repair we typically charge around $260 for onsite repair.  A new 73″ TV goes for $1000 + so I would repair it if it were my TV.

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  • My73 tv mitsubishi 73727 turn off by it self went i tried to turn back is turn on around 10sequence and sort off again retrieve code the only code 15 something with speaker this problems have to do with power off

    • Rovier, Error code 51 on a WD-73727 points to a short in one of the speakers. You may try to disconnect the speakers and see if that resolves the problem. If it does not then you would need to replace the main PCB

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